Marrakech is a fantastic city, it is also a symbol of Morocco. The streets of the old city of Marrakech have been too narrow to allow car, and tourists searching for the “real” Morocco have turned the medieval structures of Marrakech into good business.

       The number of tourists that come to Marrakech all the year have still not managed to chage its character. Actually their high number contributes in a positive way to preserve one of the greatest monument of Morroco. And the people of Marrakech love their city even more.

       The most worthwhile tourist areas in Marrakech are inside a very small area, starting in the north with, continuing through the town square of Jamaa El Fna with its crowd of storytellers, musicians and the beautiful Koutoubia which is visible from practically anywhere in Marrakech.

       Going beyond this, the Menara Gardens is considered as the most romantic place in Marrakech and don’t forget one of many examples of sights left by the many Europeans and Americans who fell so much in love with Marrakech that they established their Riads and guest houses here.


♦  Experience a traditional and charming Riad or Hotel as Le Meridien N’Fis or La Palmeraie Golf Palace.

♦  Discover the local customs through a shopping tour visiting cooperatives where they make knots on the carpets, leather, ceramic, silver and iron works, trditional clothes, spices…

♦  Old quaters where visitors meet with entertainers, acrobats, snakecharmers…

♦  Enjoy a welcome or farewell dinner in nomadic tents or in a private historical palace.

♦  Discover the green valley of the Atlas Mountains by a 4×4 rally visiting an authentic Berber village.

♦  Enjoy local dishes, amazing venues, culture and folklore.