A breath of fresh air for your events

          Travelling to Spain for your company meeting surrounded by gorgeous landscape instead of plain meeting room walls?

      To this question D&P will always reply “if you have the opportunity to hold your corporate meeting in an alternative way, then choose the alternative! Because this is an experience that all participants will remember for a lifetime together with the message you want to transmit!”.

          You will have the chance to combine a business trip with a relaxing atmosphere and you can achieve an audience motivated and engaged.

          You just have to apply the art of listening and connect with the environment to benefit from the green and natural power.

Select the destination of your choice

Take inspiration from our new meetcentives proposals to mark the path of yout company this year!!

The program combines your meeting goals with fun and healthy moments!

We wish to combine your own personal and experimental development.

So tell us your event specs and expectations and D&P team will do the rest!!!

**The above mentioned content is just a sample; D&P will create and quote bespoke proposals for you and your  guests “on request”
** Meetcentives would be valid for groups of minimum 15 up 40 pax, for different group size please check with us