♦   D&P gives you the choice of some main destinations in Spain:

› Madrid.

› Barcelona.

› Malaga.

› Seville.

› Bilbao

› Canary and Balearic Islands.

› Valencia.

       We strongly recommend these locations because they boast a larger and reliable offer for your events, however there are many other attractive and interesting sites to explore and we are confident that we can make you have a different view through us.

♦   D&P will make you learn about the magical locations of historical heritage and contemporary venues, from Royal Palaces to the update modern buildings, pristine mountains and beaches, unique and hidden corners that sometimes are not easily available to everyone.

Why Spain?

Spain remains one of top MICE Tourism destinations worldwide.

Spain has soundly performed during the last years as one of world’s top destinations for congresses and meetings. Despite the current econmic situation the tourism industry still remains one the development engines for the country. And among the different tourist activities MICE has been long one of top performers. Thus, and according to ICCA Spain ranks third as the country with the highest number of international event after USA and Germany and second in Europe. More over 13 Spanish cities are listed in the world ranking, Madrid and Barcelona within the Top 5, 8 among the Top 100 European cities and 3 among Top 100 cities of the world.

Good location and communications, attractive climate, lifestyle and friendly people, gastronomy, historic features and tourism infraestructures may explain these great results.

New terminals in international airports, the largest high-speed rail network in Europe, specific business incentive programmes in each city, all combined with nature, a large heritage and rich gastronomy. These are the reasons to include Spain in your meeting and events agenda.

Some Facts


Spain is second in the ranking worldwide in number of sites inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List with a total of 44 sights.


Spain is third in the number of  Biosphere Reserves by UNESCO.


With a total of 686 Blue Flags awarded Spain leads the world in this chapter meaning that one of every six “blue flags” found on beaches across the world belongs to a Spanish beach.


Sain ranks third globally in hotel rooms. Five Spanish companies can be found among the top 30 most important hotel groups in the world.


Over 45 airports with national and international connections, 380.000 aircraft movements in Madrid and 300.000 in Barcelona.


Spain is home to some of the world’s best and most cutting-edge restaurants, but it’s a country with culinary tradition at its heart. The gastronomy of Spain is as rich and varied as the country itself, boasting quality ingredients, an excellent in cooking and wise old traditions.