Nuestros Clientes Opinan

SC PUBLISHING – Costa del Sol

Bonjour Mercedes et Arianna,

Pour moi aussi ça a été un plaisir de travailler avec vous 2. Et encore merci de votre présence à l’hôtel pendant les 3 jours.. Sans vous, je crois que ça aurait été très difficile..

Bel été à toutes les 2.


Bien cordialement,



 TOYOTA Puerto Rico

Hola Juan & Merche:

Los clientes, quedaron encantados, en el chat que tenemos, fueron un sin número de felicitaciones tanto para Toyota Financial Service, como para nosotros , incluyéndolos a ustedes.

De nuestra parte, muchas gracias por el excelente trabajo y atenciones que tuvieron con nosotros.  Esperamos  confirmar un grupo  para el próximo año.

Un abrazo, para ti, Merche y Arianna

Key Betances, TARGA, Group Coordinator



I wanted to take the time and share the following comments from Scott (Executive Director of the London office as well as the Director for European Institute and Global Fixed Income) as well as from Ellen Goldberg ( Executive Director of Logistics).

I also wanted to add a personal note from myself in thanking you and your team for all the wonderful years we have worked together.  You have been instrumental in helping me meet all the latest budgets cuts that we have dealt with throughout this crazy financial time we are all going through.  You have been able to not only meet all our requirements cost wise, but have been able to find real HIDDEN GEMS.  It is fundamental working with a DMC like you that have a professional and close relations with all the vendors not only in Spain but in Portugal as well.  Working with people like you (professional and at the same time a wonderful person with a huge heart).  I am honour not only to work with you but to consider you a very good friend.  Wish more DMCs were like you 🙂 TRUST me they ARE NOT.

Muchas gracias por todo de verdad.

GRACIAS nuevamente!


Vanessa Lancksweert/ Logistics Manager 



Dear Arianna,

Good afternoon.

Arabian Nights For Travel and Tourism team would like to take this opportunity to express our upmost appreciation to you, Mercedes, Mr. Juan and the rest of Dynamic & Partners Team for extending your excellent service all throughout this booking. We have received a very positive feedback from Nakad Family, they are very thankful and happy. Thank you everyone for making their Trip to Madrid extra especial and memorable.

It is indeed our pleasure working with you and we look forward for more successful tours in the future.


Shyryl Moster/Arabian Nights



Mayra Lanause


Queridos Partners,

Gracias a ustedes por todo el apoyo para que fuese un viaje de excelencia.  Ahora  nos toca a nosotras el dolor de cabeza para el próximo que supere las expectativas de este.

Adjunto el mensaje de Zilka, que a ustedes les toca.

Muy buenas tardes a ambas,

Quiero aprovechar la oportunidad para agradecerles por toda la coordinación del viaje. Estuvo excelente.

 Tanto Javier, Heriberto y yo estuvimos muy a gusto y satisfechos con el personal tanto de Puerto Rico como de D&P en Madrid.

 Este fue el comienzo de nuestra relación de negocios y estamos muy contentos de contar con ustedes.

 Los comentarios de los participantes también fueron muy positivos.

 Tenemos las próximas semanas para cuadrar los adicionales, recibir la factura y reconciliar cuentas.

 Una vez hecho esto podemos comenzar con las opciones para el próximo año.

GRACIAS nuevamente!



Mayra Lanausse


Targa Meetings & Incentives



Sara Boxer

LCCSA, Madrid

Dear Juan

I appreciate all your help and support over the past few months.  I know I would not have been able to have done any of it without all your help, patience and guidance.

I really appreciate everything you have done to make the LCCSA weekend such a huge success.

I look forward to meeting you next year.

With Best Regards


Sara Boxer


Samantha Griffiths



Miss you and Juan already, you truly made my first trip to Spain very special and having you there for the meeting made my job onsite so effortless!

Thank you for everything and I hope you have a wonderful week and weekend!


Vanessa Lancksweert



Just wanted to say a quick thank you for all your help with GFII. The meeting was a success, but then again I had no doubt when you are involved

Thank you again..

Muchos besos



Meda Casunean


Hi Mercedes

How are you going?

First let me tell you that I only have a very positive feedback from all the participants and really the event was a success. So I wanted to thank you for all your help and supporting my tos and fros with the uncomprehensive emails per times

It was really great working with you and I hope we will have other opportunities.

Thanks so much!


Marketing Communications Manager EMEA

Sandra Dawson


Dear Juan,

A note to thank you so much for all your wonderful assistance in making our conference such a great success. All the feedback I have had agreed it was a great venue. The hotel was perfect and they all really enjoyed the Friday night meal.

The President was also delighted that you were able to secure the booking for 20 on the Saturday night. You are a genius


Alexa Clarke

Head of Client Services in Europe and Middle East, INSTITUTIONAL INVESTOR

Great, thanks Mercedes 🙂

I really appreciate all of your help with everything over the last few weeks. You have made everything so much easier for me.



Tour Plan International

Hola Merche,

I’ve been sleeping a lot!! Back at work though and it is still quite busy for now. I had such a wonderful time with the group this year. The trip was 99% flawless and the 1% is nothing I can identify, but we all know .. nothing is ever perfect.

99% is as close as I’ve ever come with this group and I am sure that it is due to your very hard work and commitment to excellence!.

Muchos besos


Alexa Clarke

Head of Client Services in Europe and Middle East, INSTITUTIONAL INVESTOR

Hi Mercedes

I hope that you are well. Thank you again for your help with last week, the venue was beautiful  Hopefully we will be back in Spain or Portugal again soon so that we can work together again!!

Thanks so much!

Alexa Clarke

Vanessa Lancksweert


Hola guapa,

I will process the payment next week when I am back in the office.

Thank you again for all her help with the event as usual.

Muchos besos


Justine Wang

CipherLab Co. Ltd

Hello Mercedes,

I’m back to office 🙂 We had good time and our colleagues loves shopping in the city!!
After a long flight I almost slept a whole day at home…..
Thanks you for all your kind effort to make our event success.
I’ll wait for your final bill to review.
Have a nice day!!

Best Regards,

Justine Wang

Mayra I. Lanausse

Vice-President, Targa Meetings & Incentives

Querida familia:

Solo una nota para agradecer todo su gran apoyo que nos brindaron para vuestro grupo Mapfre. Igualmente con ese cariño que vos tratéis a vosotras y dándonos mucha comida. Como siempre digo ustedes son los mejores.

Espero verlos pronto.

Un fuerte abrazo,

Mayra I. Lanausse

Elisabeth Kaufman

Logistics Manager, Institutional Investor

Thank you for all your assistance !!! It was a pleasure to working with you again ! I know I can always count on you to deliver on everything and to Really fight for us !! I look forward to working together on other events in Spain, Portugal and hopefully Istanbul !!!! You are trully FIRST RATE !!!!!!

Elisabeth Kaufman

Scarlett Van der Meulen

Events Management, EMEA Marketing, TERADATA

Hello Mercedes and Juan,

Thank you for the nice event that you helped organise for us!

And also thanks for the wonderful ham and cheese that I found in my room, yummie!!!!!!

I tried to call you yesterday night but I could not go through … speak to you soon!

Best regards


Marta Kędzia-Lewy

Business Travel & Entertainment

Hi Mercedes,

I have the first feed back from Karolina and she said everything was fantastic!!! at 1 p.m. she has a meeting with her boss to discuss all details and to give me the final feed back.

Thank you so much for all your help and patience with this group! You are great!

Once more thank you and we will be in touch according future requests for sure!

Have a great day,


Tammy H. DeHaven

Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.

Hi Mercedes,

I just debriefed with Diane on MWC and want to THANK YOU for all your excellent support. We really appreciate your partnership!

Thank you for sending the Gaudi magnet, I really like it and it reminds me of Barcelona.

I look forward to meeting you in the near future…maybe Barcelona next year.

Warm regards,



Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.

Hi Mercedes!

Everything went perfectly with the last services of transportation for our executives.

It was a pleasure working with you and I truly look forward to working with you in the future.

Let me know if you have any questions.



Wolfgang Messidat

T-Systems Analyst

Dear Mercedes,

wow what an event! Thanks for the excellent preparation and attention to detail.

I guess there will be a more formal debrief with my colleagues, but this is a just an initial BIG THANK YOU and WELL DONE!

Also many Thanks for the Cava which I have already enjoyed :-).

Best regards,

Wolfgang Messidat

Kerstin Grasmück

T-Systems International GmbH

Dear Mercedes,

back home again we would like to say thank you for your excellent support during our Barcelona event. You have been great support also there have been a lot last minutes changes. We really hope to work together with you again.

THANK you!!!!!!!

Kind regards,

Kerstin & Tanja

LuLu Huang


Dear Mercedes,

Thank you for all your support during our stay in Valencia, the outing you offer is quite excellent. All the customers incl. our ppl enjoy them very much. Our chairman said this morning: this is the most successful conference we have~~!!

I want to say many thanks to you again. Hope we have opportunity to cooperate in the future.


LuLu Huang

Matthew Price

Deutsche Bank AG

Hi Mercedes

Thanks for your note below. Likewise, we’ve enjoyed working with you and are extremely grateful for your help in ensuring that we delivered a successful event. We’ll go through a debrief ourselves in the next few days and will let you know the outcome from that – I expect 99% of that to be positive (and for the 1% remaining you’ve already highlighted and dealt with those points below). The feedback that we’ve had from a number of attendees has been very positive, with particular comments about how well run and organised the event was. I’m sure we’ll hear more in the next few days.

thanks again


Benoit Liva

Canal +

Bonjour Mercedes !

Ci-dessous, le mail de notre client CANAL+ !

Ils ont l air ravis !
J espère que de ton côté, ca a été également…

Merci pour ta collaboration sur ce dossier et à très vite j espère…


Voyageurs du monde


Ce mail pour vous dire que la prestation proposée ce week-end à l’occasion de la Finale de la Ligue des Champions était très bien. Elle a été particulièrement appréciée par nos invités.
Encore merci et à très vite pour de prochaines collaborations ! Bonne journée.


Alison Prodger


Hi Mercedes

I’m completely well now – thank you.
Thank you also for sending through the final account, and confirming that there are no additional charges.
I have received feedback from on-site, and I am delighted to advise that everyone was extremely happy with the transfer services provided.
Thank you so much for turning this around so quickly for us, I really appreciate it.
We will be sure to contact you again in the future with any requests that we have in Spain.

With kind regards, Ali

Alison Prodger

James Fawcett

Cambridge University Centre for Brain Repair

Dear Mercedes,

Thank you so much for another beautifully organized meeting.
Everything went like clockwork.
I am sorry I did not have time to say good bye before I left.
I discovered a beautiful present in my hotel room as I was packing up. Very Barcelona, and I am afraid rather expensive. You are very kind.

Patricia Lazzarini

Catherine Hillier

3i Investments plc


Just a quick note to say thank you so much for your work in barcelona. By all accounts it sounds like the event really well and everybody was extremely pleased. Thank you for your patience with all our last minute requests, changes, demands, bizarre questions – We got there in the end!!! It was great to work with you again and it was very sad I could not be there to see it throught to the end.

I very much hope to again soon. No doubt we will be lots more stuff in Spain so I will be calling you again soon!! Thanks again for everything.

Best wishes to you all.


Ann M Goldberg

Corporate Meeting Planner – AMG MEETINGS & EVENTS

I can happily give you a reference for Dynamic & Partners. They are outstanding.

Nora was with us each day and is very efficient & helpful. The head of Dynamic & Partners (Mercedes & Juan) speak perfect English. They help negotiate contracts with vendors that get you the best results. They know everyone – and can advise you of your best options. I would trust them for any service and to come in within your budget. They were reliable, honest & extremely diligent in assisting our every need. I cannot say enough good things about them. I would definitely recommend using their services to save you money. They know where to go, how to negotiate with all the vendors and can accomplish this quicker than you can. My programs are very driven by perfection at all levels, but staying within our budget. they helped me achieve this and actually saved me money in the long run. I wish I could use them again & again.

« Please note that Dynamic & Partners was a huge factor in making our meetings a success and their assistance in coordinating and organizing our overall program in Madrid contributed to a wonderful performance by all vendors. We could never have accomplished everything without them »

I interviewed 5 companies, 3 in person when I did my site visit 1 year ahead. Without a doubt, D&P were the most cost effective & most interested in meeting our needs.
I know it sounds funny that I was so pleased with them – but this is not always the case when I use a DMC. I’ve been doing this over 15 years – and I can honestly say – I think they are one of the best that I’ve used.
Good Luck and if I can be of assistance, feel free to contact me.

Kind regards,

Ann M Goldberg

Isabelle Weiss

European Project Manager – Cambridge Centre for Brain Repair

Dear Mercedes and Juan,

A big thank you for your coordination of the meeting. I have received many positive feedbacks from the delegates.
It was really nice and relaxing to work with you !!

Best wishes,



ASIS International European Bureau


First of all, Michela and l would like to thank you so much for all the excellent support and help that you and Juan provided in Madrid. We have received very good feedback from our delegates, and that is in part thanks to your efforts and commitment. Thank you.
Thank you so much again,


Klaus Wenigmann

BL Osteoporosis/Rheumatology/Neurology – Aventis Pharma

Best wishes for the new year

Dear Mercedes, dear Juan,

Thank you very much for your nice Christmas card

Within the last few weeks I had a lot of work with Arava but on November 8th, 1999 Arava was successfully launched in Germany and therefore we can look optimistically into the future. I once again would like to thank you for the very well organized event in Madrid. As a memento of a nice time you will find enclosed a little Arava gift, which should help to be always ‘on time’ within the next century.

Even though it is a little late I wish you the very best for 2000.

With best personal regards,

Klaus Wenigmann

Regina Gropp

Bayer Vital GmbH VW – Congress Service

Dear Mercedes, dear Juan,

The «Aspirin Award» is over now and I would personally like to thank you for your part in making the meeting successful.

I really appreciated the excellent organization and all your help and contribution throughout the last weeks.
All our clients were very satisfied with aIl arrangements and felt comfortable during their stay in Madrid.

We would have no hesitation in working with D & P on future events and hope it will not be too long before and appropriate opportunity to work with you again arise.

With best wishes

Regina Gropp

Corinne Six


Dear Juan,

After my return from Paris I finally have the Lime to write a few lines.
I really want to thank you for a most successful Incentive we had for BMW white being In Barcelona.

Again many thanks for a trio& professions) handling of the whole incentive from your part and your whole team…
BMW as well as the guests were very happy and we are sure we will come back to Barcelona.

Please hand also forward our thanks to both guides, Albert and Tete. Besides helping in organizational things they also guided the whole programme in an excellent way and very charming.

And of course not to forget the Hotel. All persons involved were so helpful. With any approach we had they helped immediately.

So all in all we can say “You made It happen” in a very successful and professional way. Thanks to you all again and I do look forward working with you in the future.

Corinne Six

Tina Pasamón


Muy Sres. nuestros:

Nos ponemos de nuevo en contacto con Vds., esta vez para agradecerles sinceramente su colaboración y profesionalidad durante los diferentes actos del Focus Meeting el pasado mes de Octubre.

El éxito del evento fue total y gran parte de él se lo debemos a Vds. por lo que les hago participes de las numerosas y calurosas felicitaciones que hemos recibido por parte de los asistentes, quienes se han llevado de nuestro país un grato recuerdo.

Agradeceremos asimismo, hagan extensiva esta felicitación a todas aquellas personas que trabajaron con nosotros y que hicieron posible este éxito, en especial a su Directora Mercedes Illana, quien hizo tan fluidos y cordiales todas nuestras conversaciones y preparativos.

Confiamos que volvamos a trabajar de nuevo con Vds. en un próximo futuro.

Hasta entonces reciban un cordial saludo, tanto de mis colegas de Anthos Consult (Amsterdam), Sres. Andreoli y Kessen como del mío propio.


Tina Pasamón

Catherine Hillier

Logis tics Manager – Institutional Investor

Dear Mercedes and Juan

Thank you both so much for all our incredible work last week. Once again you did a fantastic job and the event went pretty much perfectly. The dinner at Casa Las Salinas was ‘a perfect evening’ (in Diane’s words) it really was spectacular and everybody had an amazing time they were all talking about it the next day.
Your suggestions and advice were all terrific and it is really wonderful to have you both there supporting all the way and making sure everything runs so smoothly. It makes our job so much more enjoyable.

Thank you also for taking such good care of me ‘after hours’. It was such a treat to see the flamenco dancing — I so appreciate you taking me when I know how tired you were. lt was great and I feel very honoured to have met Anselma herself!

Thanks again and I’ll speak to you soon

Best wishes Catherine

Catherine Hillier

Gemma Pedersen

Ernst & Young Global Limited

Hi Mercedes

I just wanted to thank you and your team for all of your help, flexibility and assistance during the event.

I thoroughly enjoyed working with you and hope to work with you again in the future!

Warm regards,

Gemma Pedersen

Petra Haberkorn

GLOBO Incentives

Dear Mercedes, dear Juan,

I hope you have had o nice and quiet Sunday afternoon?

Our flight back home was ok and on the right Time. Guests are very happy with the trip to Madrid.
I want to thank you again — the trip was a big success. Everything was very well organized and professional. The Westin is a beautiful Hotel and good for incentive groups. Also the program for the evenings was two highlights for our guests.

In any case we may have other clients to go to Madrid we will contact you.

You are sending the final invoice to me so can we pay the outstanding amount.

Very best regards from sunny Munich

Petra Haberkorn

Sally Nicholl


Hello Mercedes,

I am so pleased that I have had the opportunity to meet and work with you. The reason why I do this work is for the lovely people I get to meet and I definitely have to put you in that category.

I also cannot fault your professionalism and the quality of the work you put together, everyone was so happy at the conference (well except for Heidi)

All the clients congratulated us on both dinners, La Posada was exactly what we wanted and the food was fabulous. As for the Hacienda, I knew it was going to be good I didn’t realise however quite how good. I feel I have to apologise a little for Heidi’s behaviour, she hasn’t been quite herself this meeting and she was very unprofessional at this meeting and I am sorry that you had to experience it.

Take care and I also hope we can work together in the future.


Sally Nicholl

Guillermo Staudt


Dear Mercedes:

Well, thanks for such a prompt response! Please go ahead and process the balance on the same American Express Card you have for Dr. Fried… All looks in perfect order, as was the program! You and your staff, Paloma, Maria… my God… were perfect … and Paloma as our guide was the best I have ever experienced!

I don’t know what more to say, Mercedes, except that although I was a bi stressed (and not anything with the meeting-just politics within the organization), I was able to see and enjoy some of Madrid and the fine services you provided. I promise, whenever we get back to Madrid, family or otherwise, you will be the first person I will call for DM services. You are simply the best.

Again, thanks from a very, very satisfied customer. You did a wonderful and outstanding job, and I am sorry I got a bit crabby at the end…Que sera, sera!


Guillermo Staudt

Ken Findlay


Dear Juan

Thank you very much for the attached which I will deal with either today or tomorrow.
With regard to the conference itself, here goes! From the beginning when we first met over two years ago through to our conversation by phone on Thursday morning. I have found you, Mercedes and everyone at Dynamic & Partners to be highly efficient, exceedingly courteous, very helpful and always willing to sort out any issues that may arise.

The conference itself ran as smooth as anyone could expect and a large part of it was down to yours and D &P’s professionalism.

As the sole person responsible for putting together venues, hotels, etc. AV, presentation, I have a busy enough job, but, your input and help made life an awful lot easier.


I have used a lot of words above to basically say that you are all an absolute pleasure to work with and I hope that we may have the opportunity in the future to work together again.

With warmest wishes and kindest regards.

Ken Findlay

Claire DaCosta


Hello Mercedes and Juan,

I apologize for not writing earlier. I wanted to express my gratitude for the way in which the Barcelona meeting was organized. Everything and everyone was well attended to and it is a genuine pleasure to work with professional such as yourselves. My guests and my colleagues were all very pleased with the outcome for the meeting. So, thank you very much.

Again my thanks and my very best regards.

Claire DaCosta

Bill Barsoum

Millenium Package

Dear Mr. Casas,

Please accept my apologies for not writing earlier. I am sure you have a good idea about life in the USA, and hoe hectic it is. Even is has been about four months, I haven’t forgotten to write you jus to say “THANK YOU”.

Until this very day I still remember the very detail of the four days I spent in “PALACE HOTEL” Madrid celebrating the Millennium surrounded with your kindness and generosity which I haven’t seen before although I have been a frequent world traveller.

Your very well organized, heavy/busy schedule for every day without leaving any part of the day without serious activity, didn’t leave room for someone to say that the event was short of fun.

You were a good Ambassador of your Country, and definitely more visits will happen. I can say loudly “THANK YOU”. Keep-up the good work.

Bill Barsoum

Philip A. Schaefer

President – Pensions 2000

Dear Mercedes,

I just wanted to thank you and all your dynamic partners at Dynamic and Partners for helping to make our conference in Madrid so perfect. I would enthusiastically recommend your firm to anyone considering a conference in Spain. The events were fantastic and now I can say especially surprises at the dinners contributed to making our conference one of the best ever. We hope to return to Spain and work with you again.

Philip A. Schaefer.

Tammy Baldwin

President – SAGE

Hello Mercedes,

I want to begin by letting you know that you are so far the most professional and efficient DMC that we have EVER worked with and we thank you for that. Attendee feed back on this program was most favourable.

The invoices look great!

Thank you. I look forward to hearing from you very soon.

Best regards.

Tammy Baldwin

Anne Appleton


Dear all Dynamic & Partners:

This email is sent to you with our grateful thanks for you superb efforts on our behalf last week! You handled all the trials & tribulations that we poured on you with such calm & professionalism it was a pleasure to work with you all.

If you need to use me as a reference anytime please feel free to do so & if we are ever lucky enough to have a regional conference in Madrid we will give you a call.

Take care, good fortune with your business & continuing good health to you all

Best wishes,

Anne Appleton

Natacha Raes


Hello Juan and Mercedes,

I wanted to thank you for the great job you did in Porto! As usual, I was a real pleasure to work with you, so thanks again and hope to see you soon in the near future!

Kind regards,

Natacha Raes

Scarlett Vandermeulen


Hello Juan, Mercedes and Nora,

We want to thank you very much for helping us organizing the Solution Architects Summit in Seville.

I think it went well, everybody is happy, and the ratings for the organization look outstanding: 4.7 on a total of 5. This is also thanks to the support of the team at Dynamic & Partners of course.

Best regards and looking forward to seeing you in Barcelona. It’s been a joy work with you!

Scarlett Vandermeulen

LCCA Conference – Valencia

Dear Juan

Thank you for all your amazing help, support and dealing with all my late bookings, questions, queries and ensuring that this year’s Conference in Valencia was a huge, resounding success.  Everybody had the most wonderful weekend and I really appreciate all your help for the past 6 months and over the weekend.